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Our skills and expertise lie in making short – and long- term marketing strategies, centred around your social media content calendar.

Areahints provides captions that tell a story, amplify the brand, increase awareness, consideration, conversions, and ultimately accomplish goals.

Do you need a content calendar?

It gets difficult for business owners to manage everything on their own when there are a lot of other things going on. Save time planning, and worrying about what to post, provide value to your customers through every content you post and turn your audience into customers by building trust.

By ordering a content calendar, you will receive background research on your brand, Consultation on marketing direction and best-practices, Engaging social media captions on any major platform, Competitive hashtag inclusion and a marketing content pillar focus to accomplish your goals.


Our Services are Budget Friendly!

Facebook | IG

2 Weeks Content Calendar
17000 14000
  • Up to 3 Hashtags
  • 4 posts per week
  • 1 Boosted Ad
  • Competitor Analysis

Facebook | IG

4 Weeks Content Calendar
29000 24000
  • Up to 8 Hashtags
  • 4 posts per week
  • 2 Boosted Ad
  • Competitor Analysis

Facebook | IG

6 Weeks Content Calendar
40000 33000
  • Up to 12 Hashtags
  • 4 posts per week
  • 3 Boosted Ad
  • Competitor Analysis

Will Areahints enhance my content?

Have no idea what to post? Need to step up your efforts on Facebook or Instagram, Areahints will produce engaging social media (SM) posts that will delight your audience and help you stand out from your competition. The content calendar created will reflect your brand image and present you as the expert in your industry.

Our custom content calendar will outline weekly messaging themes with daily content posting ideas for 2, 4, or 6 weeks. We make it easy for you to get organized, develop a campaign, and post engaging content that helps grow your brand. Plus we’ll provide top hashtags, audit your presence, and provide an action plan with items to implement.


Ask Us, We Are Happy To Answer!

Content calendars are an indispensable tool that help marketing teams plan, organise, and schedule the content they want to share.

By using a social media content calendar, you will be able to keep track of all your social media publications under one sheet.

Consider using a calendar if you want to save time on spontaneous planning and creation of content, need to share posts on social media regularly, want to avoid mishaps and grammar errors in your posts, and want to be prepared on special occasions.

In addition to providing a schedule of topics for you to write about, we will also provide actual generic content. Please transform that generic content into your own words for best results.

While we can provide graphic design for your content calendar, this is not our primary focus. We work with third-party graphic designers, so if you need this, let us know. The cost varies according to the artist.

We don't post content, you can use creator studio to schedule and monitor your social media feeds.

Every calendar is customised based on your business and industry. We also take into account your competition and what they post as well as any information you share with us.

It's true! Posting engaging content consistently on social media can help you build brand awareness as well as increase traffic, conversions, sales and profits! And our calendar makes it easy to achieve these goals!

You get the Social Media Content Calendar in Google Sheet format.

What advantages do we offer?

The one thing that is certain about social media is that interesting, engaging content brings results to businesses.
Areahints builds brand awareness by designing and delivering content calendars and social media accounts.

You need someone who can give you a digital strategy for your business, make content calendars for Facebook and Instagram with posting schedules to make your life easier for promoting your business. With Areahints, you can create a content calendar that includes boosted ads.

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